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stress & anxiety free

Stress and Anxiety Free

The Problem

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describes stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other demands placed on them.”

They also reckon that 40% of work-related illness is caused by stress and that 20% of visits to the GP are due to stress, anxiety and depression. However, if you were to add to that the percentage of people for whom stress has exacerbated a medical condition, the number would rocket up.

Stress can give you palpitations, headaches, digestion problems as well as aches and pains, and on average, for each case of stress, depression or anxiety, 24 days are taken off as sick leave.

But is it any wonder that so many of us are feeling stressed and ill, when you consider the British are putting in an average of 40 days unpaid overtime every year and work the longest hours of anyone in Europe?

Constant overwork is stressful in itself, but add into the mix being given a formal warning, victimisation, bullying, tight deadlines, management changes and personality clashes – and you have a recipe for disaster.

On top of that, the way people try to handle stress, such as overeating, smoking and drinking, can lead to further ill health.

Stress and Anxiety Free

The Solution

Stressless and Anxiety Free

Through a variety of multi-media, such as presentations, coaching (group and one-to-one) exercises, role-play, Skype, webinars and iPad magazines, delegates will have a variety of ways to develop their skills and understanding in the following areas:

What is the stress response?

  1. What’s the stress response really for?
  2. Common causes of stress
  3. Symptoms of stress

How Stressed Are You?

  1. Stress Log
  2. Unhelpful Thinking Styles
  3. Other considerations

Stress-busting techniques

  1. Breathing exercises to reduce stress
  2. Overwhelm Dissolver
  3. Self-Training audio tracks
Stress and Anxiety Free

3 steps to banish overload and stress:
  1. Identify exactly what’s causing the stress. It’s not always what you think! Establish if it can be changed or if you’re stuck with it, and if so, what you can do differently to cope easily and stay healthy. That’s surely got to be a huge improvement!
  2. Develop a range of strategies to get yourself calm and thinking straight. Learn the best techniques available from our understanding of modern of psychology and neuroscience and develop a range of easily-implemented strategies that will allow you to side-step overwhelm and stress, making it a thing of the past. So you’ll be free to focus on the really important stuff, which will make the biggest difference to you and your clients. That’s critical to your business success, is it not?
  3. Maintain the strategies and behaviours that will continue to allow you to focus your attention on what’s really important to you – developing and growing your business for example, and providing for your clients the best service possible. You’ll find that you can begin to enjoy challenges, be resourceful and creative, demonstrating your authority and trustworthiness. Sound good?

So you’ll be able to stay calm and focused regardless of your environment. You’ll also know when to go with the flow and let go of the stuff that doesn’t really matter. That means you won’t make yourself ill. Instead, you will be calm, confident, productive and happy. Is that something you look forward to?

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