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Public Speaking Confidence

Public Speaking Confidence
Pressure to Perform

You know how there’s a lot of pressure these days on professionals like you to give presentations – to clients, work colleagues and to senior management? And you know how intimidating many people find that?

So I’ve developed a complete Public Speaking Success Programme, so you can identify the challenges and use tried and trusted strategies to banish anxiety and speak with confidence and enthusiasm.

For 10 years, through Sounds Positive, I’ve been helping people become confident speakers – with enormous success. Once my clients have better tools and strategies for dealing with the fear of performance, it becomes a thing of the past.

Using Coaching, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, New Code NLP and many other ‘brief therapies’, I teach people effective techniques to alleviate anxiety and to become confident presenters, whatever the situation.

Public speaking is so scary for many people that they do their level best to avoid presenting at all – and of course, trying to avoid it is stressful in itself, never mind potentially damaging to their career prospects.

Public Speaking Confidence

It doesn’t have to be such an ordeal. You can learn to enjoy speaking in public, once you know what to do differently. And that’s where I come in.

In just 3 steps, you’ll find out what specifically is causing the anxiety. You’ll discover what you can do to let it go and then how to maintain the necessary level of calm, clear-headedness, which will allow you do yourself justice and communicate effectively.

I’m known for saving your bacon and my mission is to leave you feeling powerful and in control!

3 steps to banish performance anxiety & speak confidently in public:

  1. Identify exactly what’s causing the anxiety. Realise that it’s a natural response, but unnecessary over-reaction to the current environment, and learn to understand and use your body’s signals to stay relaxed, focused and in control. That would be a massive improvement, for a start!
  2. Develop a range of techniques to get yourself calm and thinking straight. Learn the best techniques available from our understanding of modern of psychology and neuroscience and develop a range of easily-implemented strategies that will allow you to side-step fear and anxiety, making performance nerves a thing of the past. So you’ll be free to focus on delivering a great presentation, which will make the biggest difference to you, your clients, senior management etc. That’s critical to your personal success, is it not?
  3. Maintain the strategies and behaviours that will continue to allow you let go of any nervousness, and focus instead on the presentation itself. You’ll find that you can begin to enjoy presenting powerfully and enjoy your influence and authority.

And that Sounds Positive, doesn’t it?

Public Speaking Confidence

And that means you’ll be able to stay calm and focused regardless of your environment. You’ll be able to forget about you, and concentrate on doing a great job for your audience. That means you won’t make yourself ill. Instead, you will be cool, confident, creative and happy. Is that something you look forward to?

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