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Organise yourself with MindMaps
What are MindMaps and why should you care?

Have you been meaning to find out more about MindMaps? Perhaps you already use them but feel there must be more to them since so many people use them.

Do you know of all the different uses, and might you use them more often if you only knew how and when?

Organise yourself with MindMaps
What are MindMaps for?

MindMaps are useful for all sorts of occasions, for example, when you’ve got to design and structure a report, put together and rehearse a presentation, remember important facts for a meeting or an exam.

Creating a brief MindMap, before you launch into the task itself, is a really good way to structure your thoughts. However, it’s very important that you keep it simple and brief.

And if you’re not sure where to start, brainstorming or your ideas onto a mind map is great because the structure is created, as you go.

Organise yourself with MindMaps

Why go to all that bother?

It’s worth spending a little time up front, organising your thoughts in a MindMap, because then you can just concentrate on delivering them coherently as you write your presentation or report, instead of trying to do everything at once and potentially getting all the way to the end before realising you’ve left something out.

As you design your MindMap, just write the keywords and phrases. Use pictures, diagrams and symbols to bring it to life and to make it even easier to remember.

Increase your productivity while lessening your stress, by using MindMaps to organise your thoughts.

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