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pass exams easily

Develop a better memory and pass exams easily

The Problem - we're good at forgetting!

Human beings are hard-wired to FORGET, unconsciously and automatically as newer information replaces older information. From an evolutionary point of view, this gives us the advantage. It was more important for our ancestors to forget where the herd of deer were last week, and instead, remember where they were this morning

Physiologically, we’re the same as we were 10 000 years ago! No wonder we forget stuff!

This is for you if you:

  • Spend far too long revising
  • Forget as much as you learn
  • Go to pieces under pressure
  • Have to take time off work to revise
  • Are not performing well at work because of exam-related pressure
  • Keep doing resits, hoping to scrape a pass
  • Book the exam soon after the training – hoping you wonʼt have forgotten it all
  • Book the same exam, 12 times in a row, expecting to fail most of them
  • Are failing exams but donʼt know what to do about it.
  • Are losing confidence, and your self-esteem is suffering
Develop a better memory and pass exams easily

The Solution - Pass Exams Easily

Through a variety of multi-media, such as presentations, coaching (group and one-to-one) exercises, role-play, Skype, webinars and iPad magazines, delegates will have a variety of ways to develop their skills and understanding in the following areas:

  1. How to improve your memory
  2. The 3 Keys to Learning
  3. How your brain prefers to process, store and retrieve information
3-step system:

1. Group Training:  2 days to include an overview and orientation.

Why itʼs normal to forget and the three things you therefore need to do to learn and retain information. How to focus your attention and why itʼs important to do so. How to capitalise on latest research in neuroscience, and why that will make revising so much easier and more effective. How to MindMap and why itʼs used by tens of thousands of successful, professional people around the world. Could you benefit from this too?

2. Online System A complete online system to establish exactly how your brain prefers to process, store and retrieve information so you work with it and not against it – saving you time, effort and frustration.

Discover a plethora of useful techniques to handle the information you need to learn, so that you absorb it in the first place – making it much easier to recall later – and putting you back in control. Use Genius Materialʼs unique approach to automate the revision process and ensure exam success - one thing less to worry about. That would be a relief, would it not?

3. Support Enjoy one whole year of telephone and email support, to make sure that you continue to succeed with the specific revision challenges that youʼre facing. Continue to hone your skills with hands-on supervision and support, so there’ll be no struggling, no confusion, no time wasted trying to work out the best strategy – leaving you free to enjoy the challenge ahead, to develop a good memory and to demonstrate your superior knowledge and proficiency.

So finally you have a structured way forward, a system to help you get the results you deserve.

Does this sound good to you?

Develop a better memory and pass exams easily

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