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Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire

Your programme will be tailored to your needs

No two people do their ‘problem’ the same way, and so your programme will be bespoke to you.

We treat you not your problem, unlike one-size-fits-all, script-based therapy, which has only a marginal likelihood of getting the job done.

So, bearing in mind your particular circumstances, perspective, the information you bring to bear, the challenges holding you back and the goals you’d like to achieve, we develop a unique solution for your unique problem.

The great thing about the extensive training and experience I’ve had, is that as long as your brain is connected to the rest of your body(!), I can help you improve any aspect of your life! And usually very quickly. It’s perfectly usual for clients to feel a massive shift after the first session.

Many situations, such as difficult medical conditions, that doctors can’t help with, necessitate my working with you face-to-face, and I’ve had some extraordinary successes which never cease to amaze me. You never know how quickly and thoroughly you can let go of your disease, and just how much you can improve – until you give it a shot.

Nothing’s guaranteed, except my undivided attention. And you’ll soon realise that I’ll do everything I can to help you get the result you’re looking for.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Oxfordshire


Have a look at some of the testimonials to see what I mean.

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G.P., Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Healing from the inside

"I kept getting nasty reoccurring bouts of tonsolitis. It was getting me down and making me very stressed during my exam period at university. A friend recommended I go for a session, which calmed me down and helped me to avert my mind when I started to feel the symptoms of becoming unwell again. I am so pleased to say that ever since I went I have not been ill again and feel so much better for it. Thank you...really amazing and much better than a doctor!!"

J.B. Bristol, Somerset

Conquer fears and phobias - Anxiety

"For someone with fears of flying and claustrophobia, I'm not doing badly! I'm in quite a good hotel but the lift is a bit erratic it seems. And it was quite interesting for me to find myself stuck between floors, on my own, in a shiny metal box, with the light not always staying on, a telephone that didn't work, and an alarm that sounded like it needed a new battery!

Not only that the few voices I could hear were quite naturally in Chinese and I wasn't sure if they were directed towards me or not. Anyway, I didn't panic, and felt quite cool about it generally and so thanks again!"

K.C. Marlow. Buckinghamshire

Losing weight, gaining self-esteem

"When I rang initially I asked for help with weight loss. I soon realised my weight was only part of it. After a few sessions, I became more confident, self-assured and realised I was always trying to please everyone else, except myself. Also in the past I had been ill, now I feel healthy and complete, I know it is more important to love yourself and not necessarily the way you look."

Stephanie Ozanne, Marlow

Teenager back on track

"Not all children have the type of dreamy, social, easy fun time that we all wish for them to have at school. Instead, some have a really hard time because they are just a little bit individual. Lysette introduced a number of skills our son was able to use to help ease him through the painful times high school presented to him. He is now on his way to University and enjoying the pleasures and challenges of adult life"

J.H., Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Beating a break-up - Self Confidence

"The hypnotherapy sessions over the last two months have helped give me the personal confidence and inner contentment that I needed following the break up with my long term partner. My outlook on life has changed for the better, as have the people I am attracting into it!"

K.W. Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Public speaking

"I had always had a fear of public speaking and having a job that required me to make short presentations on a regular basis was becoming very stressful. I have had one session and it has helped to show me where my fear of public speaking has come from and therefore how I can combat it. The day after my session I attended a networking lunch and for the first time was able to present without fear and even with a little humour - huge progress! I now look forward to events such as these rather than dreading them which is beneficial not only for me personally but also for the business that I represent."

More testimonials.

I'm proud to say that I have happy clients all over the world. Maybe you'll become one of them?

How do I deliver?

Operating in this field since 2004, as well as the DIY downloadable programmes (ask me about them), look out for other ways I can help you get the results you deserve, such as:

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • DIY Programmes
  • One-to-One
  • Skype
  • Books
  • eBooks

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