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NLP in Oxfordshire

NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is the art and science of excellence and uses the mind and body to increase choice and quality of life in all situations such as learning, business, coaching and relationships.

Originated by Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder, Neuro-Linguistic Programming was created from studying top achievers in different fields.

It encourages people to review their current thought, behaviour and language patterns and by dissolving self-imposed limits, achieve new levels of awareness and effectiveness.

NLP in Oxfordshire

How do you experience the world?

NLP looks at how we take in our experiences, through our own neurology (neuro); how we communicate with ourselves and other people (linguistic); and how we change our automatic ways of thinking, interacting and behaving (programming). By concentrating on these factors together, we can become happier, more productive and more successful.

Sounds Positive harnesses NLP as a key constituent of the comprehensive Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach.

NLP in Oxfordshire

NLP splits

The further development of NLP from its early stages saw Bandler and Grinder separate their work along two threads.

Bandler set off to study the design of Human engineering, allowing clients to create new strategies, skills and motivation. There’s a difference between the best feeling you’ve had and the best feeling you’re capable of experiencing. It teaches you to how to control your feelings, their intensity and when you experience them.

Richard Bandler often asks, “How much pleasure can you stand?”

Grinder's further research generated New Code NLP

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