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I work with high-performing individuals who want to achieve their goals more quickly and easily, while ridding themselves of obstacles making life difficult - both in their personal and professional lives. 

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Could you benefit from QCH?

Want to:

    1. Filter out the noise?
    2. Make sense of your emotions?
    3. Tune into your brain-power?

QCH is for YOU

Will Cognitive Hypnotherapy work for me?

Will it work?

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the only clinically tested hypnotherapy.

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Your options for Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Your Options

Let me design you a bespoke programme, tailored to your specific needs

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Success Stories

Get the life you want, quickly and painlessly. See previous success stories.

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Next Step

Need help to make changes?

  • Maybe it's an unwanted behaviour or emotions running riot and making life difficult for you?
  • Perhaps it's a difficult medical condition and you'd like help to see just how much improvement you can achieve.
  • Possibly things are generally going well for you, but you'd like to know more about Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication?
  • Is it exam nerves or lack of an effective learning strategy you need help with?
  • Might you be interested in my workshops, my self-help programmes, working one-to-one with me or taking Sounds Positive and/or Genius Material into your organisation?

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Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Sounds Positive

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help

Help with

As long as your brain is connected to your body(!), you might be surprised by the massive improvements you can make using QCH.

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Emotional Wellbeing at Work

Emotional Wellbeing

Research demonstrates that the more an individual's personal development is supported at work, the more loyal and productive employees they make.

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Lysette Offley speaking at the PFS Conference, Great Hall, London

Need a speaker?

I deliver my training through a vast array of multi-media opportunities, such as talks, workshops, webinars, video conferencing, seminars, etc

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Lysette Offley

About Lysette Offley

A teacher in schools for 20 years, and out, since 2004, with bags of training and experience since then of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and its associated disciplines, I work with highly successful people who recognise the value of continual personal development. 

I create bespoke programmes, tailored to your needs, time and budget so that you have the little extra magic you need to help you achieve your goals, whether personal or professional.

Known as The Head Fixer I help you:

  1. Filter out the noise
  2. Make sense of your emotions
  3. Tune into your brain power


Testimonial for Sounds Positive


Lisa Walker, Ewelme, Oxfordshire

Healing from the inside

"I kept getting nasty reoccurring bouts of tonsolitis. It was getting me down and making me very stressed during my exam period at university. A friend recommended I go for a session, which calmed me down and helped me to avert my mind when I started to feel the symptoms of becoming unwell again. I am so pleased to say that ever since I went I have not been ill again and feel so much better for it. Thank you...really amazing and much better than a doctor!!"

G.P., Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Conquer fears and phobias - Anxiety

"For someone with fears of flying and claustrophobia, I'm not doing badly! I'm in quite a good hotel but the lift is a bit erratic it seems. And it was quite interesting for me to find myself stuck between floors, on my own, in a shiny metal box, with the light not always staying on, a telephone that didn't work, and an alarm that sounded like it needed a new battery!

Not only that the few voices I could hear were quite naturally in Chinese and I wasn't sure if they were directed towards me or not. Anyway, I didn't panic, and felt quite cool about it generally and so thanks again!"

J.B. Bristol, Somerset

Losing weight, gaining self-esteem

"When I rang initially I asked for help with weight loss. I soon realised my weight was only part of it. After a few sessions, I became more confident, self-assured and realised I was always trying to please everyone else, except myself. Also in the past I had been ill, now I feel healthy and complete, I know it is more important to love yourself and not necessarily the way you look."

K.C. Marlow. Buckinghamshire

Teenager back on track

"Not all children have the type of dreamy, social, easy fun time that we all wish for them to have at school. Instead, some have a really hard time because they are just a little bit individual. Lysette introduced a number of skills our son was able to use to help ease him through the painful times high school presented to him. He is now on his way to University and enjoying the pleasures and challenges of adult life"

Stephanie Ozanne, Marlow
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It's all about using your brain!

And I hope you enjoy my newsletter, containing tips & ideas and more FREEBIES to use your brain to get better results in every area of life

"Just wanted you to know, Lysette, that since GDPR came in, I've taken the opportunity to unsubscribe from almost all the newsletters that I receive. Except yours! I find it interesting and helpful for my personal life as well as gleaning information I can pass on to others. Thank you." 

Julia Dionian, First Class Training

"I love reading Lysette’s newsletters. They’re beautifully written and funny too. A pleasure to read.”

Clare McLoughlin, Marlow, Bucks

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